September 11, 2015 — Madrid, Spain — Final Post

Note: I have now compiled the story of my Camino into an ebook which is available on Amazon. I developed the book based on this blog, but it is much easier to read, because it is in chronological order. You can view the book’s details and download a free sample on Amazon by clicking on the following link.

I spent much of today getting things ready for the flight home, which I’ve rescheduled to Monday in three days. This little note will be the final entry in this blog. To those of you who have been reading it, I am grateful that you spent some of your time reading something that I wrote. — Jack

Breaking news — Spanish police announced this evening that they have arrested a suspect in the disappearance of Denise Thiem, the Phoenix, Arizona woman who disappeared between Astorgas and El Ganso while doing the Camino in April of this year.

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  1. Will miss the posts, Jack. Was looking forward to hearing about Portugal. But will enjoy having you back and riding with you when my doctor says it’s okay to get back out there. Thanks for the vicarious adventures!

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