January 11, 2016 — Phoenix, Arizona

I’m afraid I re-injured my left leg yesterday. I had strained a tendon while cycling several weeks ago, and yesterday I thought it was healed enough that I could try a bike ride. I only rode a bit over 25 miles (40 kilometers) yesterday, which is a short ride for me. When I arrived home, I was in pain, and this morning I walk with a painful limp. I find this a bit depressing. I had hoped to be competitive in bicycle racing this year, but it appears that I cannot ride the bike at all without doing myself harm. I’m going to stay off the bike for now, but I will not be at all happy if I have to give up cycling for the rest of my life.

My Kindle book on the Camino (click on the cover image to the left for details) is selling well, but although hundreds of people have downloaded it from Amazon, the book only has two reviews, both on the USA Amazon site. I would be very grateful if people who have read the book would leave an honest review on Amazon.

Interestingly, to me at least, the second-best market for the book is the United Kingdom followed by Australia. I have both US and UK citizenship, so I’m happy that my fellow citizens in both countries are reading the book.

I plan to spend the rest of today reviewing what I have written so far on my novel, tentatively titled Running for President. I’ve gotten to the point where the protagonist, Jason Wilder, has declared his candidacy for the governorship of Arizona. His anti-immigrant campaign has angered his Mexican-born wife, Lupita, and she has left him. (He’s a real jerk; I don’t blame her for leaving him.) Now I need to carry the story forward from there, which includes adding some realistic details about this imaginary campaign. Time to hop to it!