Spam problems — January 13, 2015

One of the problems of writing a blog is dealing with spam comments. In the past several days, large number of spam comments have been left on several of my posts, mostly by people advertising sexual services. My comments are moderated. When someone leaves a comment who has never left one before, I get an email asking me to approve or disapprove the comment. As a result, none of the spam comments have actually been published, but I have been getting dozens of emails a day about comments left on the blog, and those emails have become a nuisance. To stop them, I have blocked further comments on those posts that have been attracting the most spam. As I write this, comments can be left on this blog post, but I hope you will understand if I later have to block them.

I had a conversation over coffee this morning with an acquaintance who describes himself as a conservative. He said he is backing Marco Rubio for president. I conceded that he is one of the more reasonable conservative candidates and added that my only objection to him is that his tax policies would accelerate the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the very rich. He dismissed that as a trivial concern. I suppose if you are a right-wing ideologue you feel it is your duty to give part of your wealth to the rich, just as some devote Christians feel obliged to give ten percent of their income to their church.

Nonetheless, I am unable to understand why many middle class Americans want to get people elected to office whose avowed goal is is to manipulate tax policy take their money and give it to the rich. Are these people masochists who are motivated to vote against their self-interest? Or, are they just completely ignorant of the consequences of their votes?

I am limping around the house, unable to ride my bike due to a severe tendon strain in my left leg. Perhaps my leg problems are punishment on high for my irreverent remarks on this blog.  At least the need to stay off my leg gives me more time to sit at the computer and write my novel. The protagonist, Jason Wilder, is in the process of setting up a campaign committee to run for governor with the aid of Maricopa County’s crooked sheriff Paul Balboni. Any resemblance to Maricopa County’s real-life crooked sheriff Joe Arpaio is purely coincidental, of course.

In the meantime, there is a link to the left to my current Kindle book about walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Click on the image of the book cover if you’re interested in more information about it.