Sarah Palin — January 20, 2016

The big news in the US press today, making even bigger headlines than the 19 poor, innocent people killed in an attack on a university in Pakistan, is the fact that Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump in his presidential campaign. I have been hearing her screechy voice on radio all day.

Something is wrong when the fact that an airhead like Palin endorses a clown like Trump ranks up there with a terrorist attack in Pakistan. Are the news organizations dumbing their news coverage down to our level? Are we so shallow that we take an idiot like Sarah Palin for a serious political figure?

Things could be worse. Ted Cruz said that if he is elected president (God forbid) he would name Sarah Palin to his cabinet.

I  finished reading Anthony Stancomb’s book Notes from a Very Small Island today. I found the book very entertaining and also informative. I admit I had to look up some of the peculiarly British expressions, but that is easy in a Kindle. You just highlight the word, and the definition pops up. It is always a good thing to enrich ones vocabulary.

I will post a review of the book on both the and websites later today.