More Palin :(

I can’t believe the news coverage that Sarah Palin got yesterday and continues to get today, not only in the US media but internationally, also. Yesterday the BBC World News and France 24 both ran extensive coverage of her announcement that she will now support Donald Trump along with sound bytes featuring her screeching voice.

Ms Palin is known for being a supporter of Ted Cruz. What made her change her position and get behind Mr Trump? Was there some sort of behind-the-scene deal? I’ve heard speculation that he might have offered her a cabinet post if he is elected president or the USA. Can you picture Trump as president and Sarah Palin as vice president? I can see the United States losing all of its international stature almost overnight. Such a scenario is a long shot, but it could happen.

Of course, Ms Palin might not do too much damage as vice president under a more reasonable president than Trump would be. Most vice presidents do nothing except collect a salary and occasionally appear at the president’s side during important speeches. (it’s a job I wouldn’t mind having.) It’s often more of a sinecure than a real job. The first President Bush managed to keep his incompetent vice president Dan Quayle under wraps while the country prayed that nothing happened to President Bush that would cause his vice president to succeed him.

Of course, some vice presidents are permitted to do work. Al Gore, Joe Biden, and (unfortunately) Dick Cheney spring to mind. The latter seems to have been in charge of mismanaging the country during the first six years the presidency of the second George Bush.

I think that Donald Trump may win the Republican nomination but would then have an ice cube’s chance in hell of winning the election. But, what if I’m wrong? Suppose he wins and names Sarah Palin as Secretary of State? Remember that Sarah Palin is the vice presidential candidate who said when being interviewed by Glenn Beck, “Obviously we gotta stand with our North Korean allies.”

I am going to be very nervous between now and the presidential election in November.

You may be thinking I only criticize only Republicans. Well, I will admit that I think that either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders would be a better president than any of the Republican candidates, most of whom seem to be engaged in a contest as to who is the most conservative and therefore best able to kiss the posteriors of the very wealthy, but that doesn’t mean the two leading Democrats are without fault. Hillary Clinton seems to be just as dependent upon billionaire donors as any of the Republican candidates, not to mention her lack of truthfulness. On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, Warren Buffet is planning a $33,400-a-plate fundraising diner for Ms Clinton. That’s more than I paid for my house! Can a person who dines with snobs who can afford to throw away $33,400 for the pleasure of chowing down in her company really understand the problems of ordinary citizens?

As to Mr Sanders, I agree with him completely when he says that the current political system unjustly transfers wealth to the very rich at the expense of the rest of us. That may be the most pressing problem facing most western governments, and it is an especially egregious problem in the United States. However, Mr Sanders does not seem to have nearly Ms Clinton’s knowledge when it comes to foreign affairs. In the days of ISIS and Vladamir Putin, foreign policy is at least as important as it has ever been. To his credit as a human being, Mr Sanders seems to be the only honest person among the candidates from either party. However, honesty is not necessarily a good quality in a head of state. We had another honest president in my lifetime, Jimmy Carter, and despite his moral rectitude, he is not regarded as a successful president. Perhaps we would be better off electing one of the liars instead of Senator Sanders.

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  1. Vice presidents may not normally do much, but they become president if the president dies. I am not comfortable with any vice presidential nominee who is unfit to be president.

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