Psychopath for President?

I’m not saying that one of the current presidential candidates is a psychopath, although I have to admit to having some questions about Ted Cruz’s sanity. Did you think I meant Donald Trump? No, he seems perfectly sane. He’s just very skilled at manipulating the opinions of the less educated.

No, the blog headline refers to Jason Wilder, the protagonist of the novel I’m writing. As far as I’ve gotten in the novel, he’s been elected governor of the State of Arizona with the help of corrupt Maricopa County Sheriff Pal Balboni’s political machine. Jason has been getting rich on graft, which he had to split with the sheriff until someone whose wife was mistreated by the sheriff’s department sent the sheriff to the Happy Hunting Grounds.

Jason is about to get a call from Luther Hogson, the younger of the two famously rich Hogson Brothers who use their immense wealth to buy political candidates. They want Jason to run for president to give them more control over the federal government. They already own a number of members of Congress.

Is any of this based on fact? Well, I admit to some exaggeration, but I find the current political situation both in my state of Arizona and nationally to provide great inspiration in writing this book. A real-life version of the Hogson brothers does exist as does a real-life version of my fictional Maricopa Country sheriff Paul Balboni. All I have to do is write about the current political situation, change a few names, and exaggerate a bit. As is often said when something in real life is so bizarre as to be difficult to believe, “You can’t make this stuff up.” I wouldn’t be able to write this novel without my daily dose of news about the kooky antics of our real-life politicians.

As I look out the window of the potholed street in my Phoenix neighborhood while spending hours on the phone day after day trying to straighten out a problem with Cigna Healthcare (so far unresolved) I feel very fortunate to live in a state and a country where nothing seems to work properly. It would be a great inspiration to any writer. Oh, here comes another repair crew. The ancient water mains under our street keep springing leaks, and there seems to be a repair crew out to repair one of those leaks at least once a month.

It’s going to be many months until my fictional politician Jason Wilder makes his public debut. I estimate that I am less than halfway through writing the rough draft. In the meantime, my nonfiction book on walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela is for sale as an ebook on Amazon. Click on the book’s cover image on the left sidebar of this blog for more information. Or, if you need something more outlandish to occupy your time, follow the daily news.

By the way, yesterday Medicare banned Cigna from signing up new Medicare members due an alleged large number of irregularities in the way Cigna treats its customers. Maybe there is some justice, even if it’s slow. In the meantime, I’m stuck with a medical insurance company that can’t seem to do anything right and is under a federal government investigation. I did file my own complaint about Cigna with Medicare. I wonder if anyone will ever find mine under the mountains of complaints that seem to have been filed against Cigna.