Now Bloomberg’s in the race (maybe)

I am glad that I no longer live in the Allegheny Mountains of Southwestern Pennsylvania. From what I see on the news, the whole mid-Atlantic region of the USA is buried under several feet of snow this morning.

I see that Joe Biden is in Turkey where he has thanked the Turkish government for fighting ISIS. The problem is that the group that is doing the most to fight ISIS is Pesmerga, the fighting arm of the Kurds, and the Turkish government seems to be putting most of its efforts into bombing the Kurds. Russia meanwhile also claims to be fighting ISIS but is in fact bombing groups that are fighting ISIS in its attempt to prop up the Bashar al-Assad regime. What a mess the whole Middle East has become! Would it be this bad if George W. Bush hadn’t invaded Iraq? I don’t know.

We have a new (maybe) presidential candidate. Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that he’s considering running for president. What the hell does that mean? Is he running, or isn’t he? If he runs, he will contribute a billion dollars of his own money to the campaign. You and I cannot imagine how much money a billion dollars is, but to Mr Bloomberg, that’s chump change.

Michael Bloomberg is a former Republican who left that party after it became to radical for him. Therefore, one might think that if he runs, he will split the Republican vote and guarantee the Democratic nominee the election, but would he? Mr Bloomberg is too moderate for most of today’s Republicans. Like many present and former big-city mayors who have had to deal with a bloodbath on the streets of their cities, Mr Bloomberg is in favor of gun control. That alone would cost him the votes of most Republicans. Worse yet, he considers himself a moderate who believes in reason. Remember in the last Republican primary how Mitt Romney was tared with the label “Massachusetts moderate?” Being a moderate and a reasonable person, was bad enough in those days, and the Republican party has taken a giant leap to the right since then. Today, anyone who believes in science, logic, reason, moderation, etc. is branded a “left-wing liberal.” Remember that Romney only won the Republican nomination by renouncing his former reasonable views and by pretending to believe in right-wing views.

If Mr. Bloomberg runs and wins part of the moderate vote, that will almost certainly take votes from the Democratic candidate. Suddenly the prospect of having Trump or Cruz as president starts looking more real. Please, Mr Bloomberg, don’t run! You cannot possibly win. All you can do is almost guarantee that someone you despise will be our next president. Don’t cause us to suffer through four years of Trump or Cruz.