Bloomberg updated

News reports yesterday clarified Michael Bloomberg’s announcement that he might run for president of the United States. He said that if the Republicans nominate either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz and the Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders, he will consider running for president as an independent. In the meantime, Mr. Bloomberg is said to be developing a list of detailed policy statements. If his conditions for running are met, that would make him the only candidate with specific plans. Mr Trump has no plans whatsoever, and Senators Cruz and Sanders don’t explain how they plan to convince Congress to go along with their ideas. In today’s climate, a politician with actual plans to do something would appeal to a minority of voters, but in a three-way race, that minority might be enough to get him elected.

However, I don’t think Mr Bloomberg need be concerned. It’s hard to say whom the Republicans will nominate, but it could be Mr Trump of Senator Cruz. However, on the Democratic side, I don’t think Bernie Sanders has much of a chance. He is said to appeal mostly to young people, and most young people can’t be bothered with voting. Ms Clinton has a lock on older voters, who tend to turn out in greater numbers. I will be very surprised if Ms Clinton does not win the Democratic nomination.

Suppose Trump, Sanders, and Bloomberg all run. The liberal economist Paul Krugman writes in a New York Times editorial that in that case Donald Trump would stand a good chance of being elected president, because Bloomberg would take moderate votes away from Bernie Sanders. You can read Paul Krugman’s short editorial by clicking here.

I’m taking some lessons from the campaign in the writing of my novel about the fictional character Jason Wilders. He has decided to run for a second term as Arizona governor, and has designed a Trump-ish campaign. He will make outrageous statements, promise big things if he is reelected, and not make plans for implementing any of those empty promises. That is just the sort of gibberish that appeals to the modern voter.