Who is Felipe Cruz?

Have you never heard of Felipe Cruz? Of course, you have. He’s running for president of the United States. Oh, you may not recognize him by his original name. Perhaps out of shame of his Hispanic Heritage, the Canadian-born Felipe Cruz changed his first name to Ted. That’s just one of the many bizarre facts concerning the US presidential campaign.

Changing the subject (slightly), who do you believe will win Monday’s caucuses in Iowa? I have a bet (no money involved, just bragging rights) about the results. Going with the poll numbers, he believes that Donald Trump will win on the Republican side and Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic race. I disagree. I picked Ted Cruz to win the Republican caucuses and Hillary Clinton to win with the Democrats. Why? Anyone who attends the Iowa caucuses has to commit to spending several hours in meetings discussing the candidates before voting. Not many people are willing to do that. Therefore, turnout in both parties is bound to be a minuscule percentage of registered Iowa voters.

Ted Cruz has great support among extreme right-wing fundamentalist Protestants. I believe that these true believers will be more motivated to give up their Monday evening in support of their candidate than Donald Trump supporters, many of whom are probably not even registered to vote

As to the Democrats, Bernie Sanders’ support is mainly among young whites. Most people in this age group are too lazy to even fill in a mail-in ballot let alone sacrifice an evening to support a candidate. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is more popular among older voters, many of whom have the time and feel the sense of duty of participating in politics.

What is your opinion?