The Cigna Healthcare Mess Goes On

If I am not mistaken, today is the day that the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) gave Cigna to deliver a plan for corrective action to fix its Medicare Advantage mess and stop taking advantage of its Medicare Advantage customers. I have scoured the news, but I have found no news stories reporting whether or not Cigna delivered such a plan. The day is not over yet, so perhaps the plan is forthcoming.

Just to recap, On January 21, CMS barred Cigna from signing up new Medicare Advantage or prescription drug insurance customers and gave Cigna until today to come up with a plan to correct the problem. If Cigna doesn’t come up with a plan, will it allow us who are insured by Cigna to change to a more honest health insurance company? I hope so.

Cigna stock meanwhile has been trending down in value. DNB Asset Management dumped 57,670 shares today alone.

I have my own anecdote to relate regarding Cigna . I am insured by Cigna, but I have been unable to get an insurance card from the company. If I need emergency care, how will I prove that I am insured?

Cigna’s local customer service has entered a request on multiple occasions for me to be sent a card, but no card gets sent. It sounds to me like a computer problem. Customer Services types a request to send me a card into the computer, the request disappears in Cyberspace, and no card gets sent. Customer service says it has no power to fix the computer problem.

So, I turned to Cigna’s Internet Customer Service. At first the good people working there told me I was not a Cigna customer, so I sent them proof that I was. I would have thought that the fact that their computer did not have my records would tip them off to the fact that they have a problem, but no. They just shrugged it off.

After an exchange of emails, I received the final response today:

Dear Jack Quinn,
Thank you for your response. I apologize that you are not receiving your ID cards. I spoke to a Healthsprings customer service advocate who confirmed that they have sent out multiple cards and they are being mailed to the address on file.

OK, that should confirm that there is a problem. Customer Service believes it is sending the cards, but the cards are never arriving. Is the computer sending them? Are they going to look into the problem? No. After a few lines on another subject, the email ends this way:

This case has been closed by our Internet Customer Service Team. Please do not reply to this e-mail.
Valerie H.
Internet Customer Service
CIGNA HealthCare

In other words, we have determined that there is a real problem here. Therefore we are closing the case, and don’t bother us again with your petty problem!

I hope no one reading this is unfortunate enough to have Cigna Health Insurance.