Running for President

Running for President is the working title of the novel I’m currently writing. As I believe I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I’m quite inspired by current presidential campaign politics and have borrowed (some would say plagiarized) some campaign tactics, especially those of Donal Trump, and given them to my book’s protagonist, the psychopathic Jason Wilder. His campaign is financed by the fictional Hogson brothers, who managed to become famously rich by cornering the silver market when they were younger. Any resemblance to any living persons is, of course, purely intentional.

The books starts with Jason’s birth in Chicago I’ve reached the point in the rough draft when he’s in his late 30s and is running for nomination as the Republican candidate in the hopes of thwarting Barack Obama’s re-election to a second term as presidents. You Republicans will probably be happy to know that in my fictional version, Jason wins, and Barack Obama retires gracefully from politics. Why didn’t I set his election in the future, since it is fictional? Well, I wanted Jason to be the first psychopath to be elected president in my lifetime. If I’d pushed his fictional presidency into the future, I might have had to call him the second one, given some of the people who are presently seeking the nomination.

When Jason gets elected, one of his first acts will be to overturn Obamacare with the aid of a Republican-dominated Congress. Next will be the imposition of  a flat tax, which will greatly reduce the tax burden on extremely rich people and increase it for us normal folks  (sorry Democrats). Again, any resemblance to the campaign promises of current presidential aspirants is purely intentional.

What I haven’t figured out yet is how to finish Jason off at the end of the book. Should he be assassinated? Should he be impeached, tried on criminal charges and go away to prison for a long stretch? I’m leaning toward the latter. We have enough people getting shot to death in our country without my adding to the toll, even in fiction. Well, I have to shamefully admit that one of my characters was already assassinated. Surely I can’t let Jason live happily ever after. He needs to get his comeuppance. Allowing a crooked politician to go scott-free would be too close to reality.

To add a little excitement before the novel’s publication, I was going to create a Website for Jason, but imagine my surprise to discover that there is a real Jason Wilder, and he has a website with his name in it. I thought I had invented that name! I’ll have to be more imaginative next time.

I may yet create a website for my fictional character’s presidential campaign. Those of you who are approaching my age will remember that Mad Magazine once ran its fictional character Alfred E. Newman for president. If Mad Magazine were still around today, I’ll bet old Al would have not only a website but also a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

Remember, when it’s time to vote, if you don’t like any of the candidates, you can always write in Jason Wilder’s name. That’s the only campaigning I’ll do for him, and he only gets that much because it didn’t cost me a cent.

By the way, turning to a matter of no importance to anyone but me, when I was first married, almost 45 years ago, I bought a floor scrubber from Sears. I still have it, although I haven’t used it in years. Today I resurrected it and decided it would work better with new scrub brushes. I went online and was pleasantly surprised to know that Sears still sells some parts for the old scrubber including brushes by mail order. They will supposedly soon be on their way to my front door. It will be a pleasure to use a floor scrubber that is older than my daughter in these days when we toss our computers away every three years.

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  1. I think he should be poisoned by a situation such as Flint. Definitely hoist by his own pitard in one way or another.

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