Upgraded MyCigna Website Still Dysfunctional

Cigna insures a large portion of the US population and operates so many Internet sites that it is difficult to track them all. One site that is supposedly available to all people insured by Cigna is called My.Cinga.com, more specifically my.cigna.com. Like other parts of Cigna, this site is dysfunctional.

According to a notice posted on the site in red letters last week, my.cigna.com was to undergo major work on February 13 and 14 and would be unavailable. I had hopes that this meant that the glitches in the site would be repaired. No such luck!

I checked the site several times during the period when it would supposedly be down, and I was able to log on and access the inaccurate information in my account with no problem. How could major repair be going on if the site was accessible?

Today (February 15) I checked the site again. It looks the same as it has for years. I logged onto my account, and the information there is still inaccurate. It shows me as having a drug plan only (I have both medical and drug), and when I check my evidence of coverage, the PDF document that is downloaded shows that my coverage ended in December 2015. I am currently insured by Cigna, and we are well into 2016.

There is also a smart phone app that is supposed to work with the site. It will not allow me to log on at all. At least the website itself allows me to log on from my computer, even if the information there is incomplete or out of date.

The site once worked well for me, but sometime in the past few months it went bonkers. Despite repeated promises that it would be fixed, it hasn’t been. As time has gone on, the site has become increasingly dysfunctional.

I’m writing this blog entry not just to whine about my situation, but because many people insured by Cigna are in even worse situations that I am. I am whining for all people insured by Cigna. I am at least able to get my medical services. Many people insured by Cigna are not that fortunate.

As I have written in earlier posts, Cigna the federal government currently bans Cigna from signing up new Medicare Advantage customers. Cigna has promised for years to fix its problems, but it has not done so, which finally resulted in the government ban. The fact that a supposedly “repaired” website is just as dysfunctional as it was before repairs were promised is a poor indication of Cigna’s compliance with government demands.

Why is this company allowed to sell insurance in the United States at all? If it can’t properly service the people it insures, the company should be shut down.