More Cigna HealthSpring Dysfunctional Blues

Why did I ever select Cigna HealthSpring as my Medicare Advantage provider? The insurance side of the company seems as dysfunctional as ever.

When I got home from my workout today, I found a voicemail asking me to return a call at a Cigna 800 number if the website was still not displaying my correct insurance information. I was given a case number to refer to. It isn’t working, so I called.

The case number meant nothing to the person who answered the phone. She asked for my membership number, my name, my birth date, etc. Then she asked me to log onto the website, which I had already done. Then I confirmed that the information on the Website was still incorrect.

Next she asked me if I were I HealthSpring customer, which I am. She told me I should be using the HealthSpring website and I could not use Why did I receive a voicemail asking me to verify that my account was working if I wasn’t supposed to use it? She had no answer to that question.

Then I went to the HealthSpring website and attempted to establish an account. I entered my email address and received a link to continue the registration process. Then I entered the required information, and a red notice popped up saying that the information I entered did not match their records. I reviewed everything number by number and letter by letter, and everything was correct. I tried again. The same red warning popped up along with a second one stating that I would be locked out of my account for 30 minutes? What account? I hadn’t been able to establish one!

No, I didn’t call anyone. It’s not worth it. You can spend hour after hour on hold and being switched from department to department if you call in, as I know from sad and frustrating experience. No wonder the federal government has banned Cigna from signing up new Medicare Advantage customers!

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2 thoughts on “More Cigna HealthSpring Dysfunctional Blues”

  1. who the h signed me up for a damn cigna health springs i didnt asked to be signed.. i dont go to drs and dont do prescription drugs so wht the h would i pay for some damn prescription drugs and im living on a damn low poverty fix income.. I CANT DAMN AFFORD NO DAMN CIGNA and stop effing sending me crap i m contacting a lawyer about this as of now.. its ridiculous talking about they cant un-enroll me when i never signed up for this crap! WTF?

  2. If you calm down, and you are enrolled in Cigna HealthSpring Medicare Advantage, you should be able to change plans, because Cigna is under government sanctions. 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227). However, if you want to get out of health insurance altogether, I don’t think you can do that.

    As to contacting a lawyer, if you can’t afford medication, you might be shocked at what a lawyer would charge you for what you can do yourself for free.

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