If a Psychopath Were Elected President of the US?

First, a reminder. Today, February 29, is the last day to download my eBook, A Senior Citizen Walks the Camino de Santiago. Tomorrow the book’s cost goes back to $6.99.

What would happen if a psychopath were elected president of the United States? Some people think we’re in danger of having that happen. Is Ted Cruz a psychopath? How about Donald Trump?

In my new novel, to be published soon, Jason Wilder, a psychopath born in Chicago and educated in Phoenix, first becomes governor of Arizona and then, backed by the immense wealth of the Hogson Brothers, manages to get himself elected president of the United States by defeating Barack Obama in his bid for reelection for a second term. The Hogsons, of course, want government tax policy to favor the very rich even more than it already does. How many other candidates have the Hogsons managed to get elected? We all know that the real-life version of the Hogsons have enormous political clout.

Unlike real life, everything turns out well in the end of my novel. Well, it turns out well for the average citizen. It does not turn out well for Jason or for the Hogson Brothers.  Wouldn’t it be nice for the average American if we had sense enough not to vote for people who want to take away our money and give it to the very wealthy? What would life be like if we had the good sense to vote for politicians who have the welfare of the country and its citizens at heart? Congress would look much different than it does today.

I’m still cleaning up the typos from my manuscript. I expect the novel “Running for President” to be available for pre-order within a week and do go on sale this month.