The Scalawags of the Republican Party

The campaigning in the Republican primaries has fallen to a new low last week with Marco Rubio and Donald Trump disputing the size of Trump’s private parts. When did we decide that the person with the largest genitals is most qualified to fill Nation’s highest office?

Rubio’s attacks on Trump seem to be having an effect. Trump did not do well in yesterday’s “Super Saturday” Republican primaries and caucuses. However, Rubio was not the beneficiary. Voters switched allegiance from Trump to Cruz.

Neither Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is qualified to be president, and the Republican leaders know that. However, voters are no longer listening to the people who run the Republican party, and who can blame them? Republicans for decades have run on “conservative values,” which have worked to the detriment of ordinary Americans as jobs have gone overseas and an ever larger percentage of the nation’s wealth has been transferred by government policy into the hands of the upper one percent of the filthy rich. Is it any wonder that voters have finally realized that “conservative values” is Republican-speak for giving our money to the wealthy?

Of course, if Trump or Cruz were able to put their economic plans into practice, the wealth transfer to the super rich would accelerate. Does the average Republican voter realize that? Apparently not. All they know is that traditional Republican politics are working against them, and they logically want to try something different. Instead of educating themselves about the policies that would be  in the best interest of the country, they are voting for the people who make the most outrageous statements about the existing establishment with no thought to the consequences. They want to tear down the establishment, but they are willing to vote for people who have no plan to replace it with something better.

If voters were logical, we they would vote for senators and congresspeople who have the interest of the Nation at heart. Even the most casual analysis of the present Congress shows that most of the people serving in that formerly august body have the interest of themselves and of their rich donors at heart and the public be damned.

We voters have only ourselves to blame. We elected those scalawags. Let’s not make the same mistake when we elect a president.