Big Day for Me

Tomorrow will be a big day for me. It’s the day my new Kindle ebook, Running for President goes on sale on Amazon. I’m interested to see if anyone buys it. I’ve done little to promote it, so I don’t know how many people will discover it. If it sells, I’ll have it printed also. I need to work on a publicity campaign now.

I was amazed had how hard it was to write the book. It’s my first novel. It’s about a psychopath named Jason Wilder who grows up in Chicago, moves to Phoenix to go to the university, and becomes a used car salesman. After he works his way up to owning three new car lots, he runs for and is elected governor of Arizona. Then he runs against Barack Obama in the latter’s attempt to be reelected, and wins the presidency. I won’t mention what happens then, in case anyone wants to read the book and find out.

The difficulty in writing the book was in doing the historical research. Just to mention one event that happened during Jason’s invented life, 911 occurred. I had to work that into the book. I also had to know a bit about various cities including Chicago, Johnstown and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and, of course, Phoenix. The streets I mention actually exist (Jason grew up on Fletcher Street in Chicago, just off Belmont Avenue; his college roommate on Bedford Street in Johnstown). The Republican convention in Florida where Jason was nominated as the party’s candidate took place on the dates I wrote in the book, although in reality Mitt Romney was nominated and not my fictional character.

Now that the book is finished, I can go outside and catch up on yard work.