Income Taxes

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I spent today doing my income tax return for last year. It’s done, but I’m going to go over the forms again tomorrow to make sure that they’re right before I send them off. The federal form gets sent in over the internet, and the Arizona form will have to go by snail mail. It would cost me 20 bucks to file it electronically.

I also got my novel, Running for President ready to print. It is available now as a Kindle ebook. The print version is probably a few weeks off, because I have to wait for the proof copy to arrive from the printer and then go over it to make sure it’s up to snuff before I release it for sale. I also improved the cover, of which there is an image in the left sidebar. Click on the image of either book’s cover to read a sample chapter or two for free on Amazon. If you like either of them, you can buy the entire book, of course. The Camino book is more expensive, because it contains well over 240 color photographs, and Amazon charges me quite a bit for the download charges of the big file. I don’t think I’ll have the Camino book printed, because the cost of printing all of those color photos means that I’d probably pay $30 a copy just in printing costs.

Now, after spending most of the day sitting at the computer, it’s time for me to do something more relaxing. Perhaps you should, also. 🙂