One-Eyed Jack

I’m only seeing with one eye today, because I just returned from having the cataract removed from the left eye, and I have to keep it covered with a patch until tomorrow. I did manage to get a peek through the new lens in the operating room, and all I saw was a blur. The surgeon told me that I will have blurry vision with the left eye for a few days due to the medication she inserted into it.

All I’m allowed to do today is sit around or go for short, easy walks. I didn’t ask if it was OK to use the computer, because I was afraid she would say no

Now it’s time to get some food. I wasn’t allowed to eat this morning before surgery, of course. I also have to get used to seeing the world through one eye. I may take the patch off the left eye tomorrow, but I’m told my vision will still be blurry.

Oh, I got the first review of my eBook Running for President. I am thrilled to get a review so quickly. If anyone else would like a free copy, please email me jack (at) azroadcyclist (dot) com and tell me what format you would like the book in, mobi, pdf, text, or word doc or docx. Naturally, if you actually read the book, I would be grateful for an honest review in return.