Jason Wilder for President

I’ve started a new fake blog that purports to be Jason Wilder’s blog in his imaginary campaign for president. In the blog, Jason Wilder, with my guidance, will post outrageous comments about the presidential political campaign in the hopes of getting voters to write in his name instead of voting for one of the current presidential candidates. Naturally, the whole thing is a stunt to sell more copies of my book, Running for President, whose protagonist is the imaginary presidential candidate Jason Wilder. The book is currently available as a Kindle eBook and will soon also be available in printed form.

The link to Jason’s blog is www.wilderforpresident.com. There is also a link near the top of the left sidebar of this blog.

I hope not to make too many people angry with this new blog, or if they do get angry, I hope they get mad enough to buy my book. Jason Wilder is not (I hope) my alter ego, so the things he writes may not be the things I believe. In fact, some of what he will write will not be true at all, so if you read his blog, please take his writings with a grain of salt. it’s all done in a spirit of fun, or to be more honest, in the blatant interest of selling more books.