Designing the Most Electable Presidential Candidate

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When I wrote the book Running for President, I tried to design a presidential candidate who was an amalgam of the worst features of the real presidential candidates. In today’s political climate, it seems that the more politically incompetent a person is, the more likely that person is to be elected president or at least be nominated for the job. So I’ve decided to design the perfect presidential candidate by combining the worst qualities of the people running for the job.

I have to start with the modesty of Donald Trump. Given his waffling on the issues, perhaps I should also take his consistency. Heck, he’s a larger-than-life figure, so I can probably take more from him than from the other candidates. Therefore, I will also add his knowledge of the issues.

Now to move on to Ted Cruz. His likeability would certainly be an asset to any unworthy presidential candidate. Sticking with the Republicans for now, I would also add John Kasich’s ability to generate publicity. Although he’s no longer in the race, I’ll also pick the forceful personality of Ben Carson. From another pair of drop-outs I would pick the vote-garnering ability of Jeb Bush and the financial acumen of Marco Rubio, especially when it comes to misusing other people’s credit cards.

From the Democrats I would choose the reputation for honesty of Hillary Clinton. Then I would add the humility of Bernie Sanders. Oh, I forgot, there was once a third Democratic aspirant, but I’ve forgotten who what’s-his-name was, and I don’t think he ever got enough press attention for me to understand his policies. If I could remember who he was, maybe I should take his ability to generate publicity instead of taking it from who’s-it….oh darn! I forgot his name again. Oh yes! now I remember! John Kasich.

Have I managed to insult everyone’s political sensibilities? If not, I have not done my job. Maybe I have more to learn from our presidential aspirants.