Free Bumper Sticker

First, a reminder that my novel Running for President can be downloaded as a Kindle book for free today and tomorrow only (April 1 and 2). After that it will cost a few dollars again. In return for receiving the book for free, I would be grateful if you would honestly review it on Amazon.

To promote the book, I’m giving away free Jason Wilder for President bumper stickers to the first 20 people in the USA who request one. I don’t have them all in stock today, but they’re in the mail on the way to me, so I’ll get the stickers sent to the winners as soon as I have them. To request one, email me at jack(at)azroadcyclist(dot)com. I’m sure you know how to deal with the words in parenthesis to turn that into a legitimate email address.

Update: the free bumper stickers have now all been claimed.

Wilder Bumper Sticker
Why would you want to drive around with a Wilder for President bumper sticker on your car? By supporting Jason Wilder, you’ll be showing that you’re supporting a candidate who cannot possibly hurt the country, given that imaginary characters cannot serve as president. (That may also be an argument against a Trump presidency; I suspect that he’s a robot.) You will also be helping me to sell books.

The book Running for President hasn’t sold too many copies yet, but those few people who have left reviews on Amazon so far have been delighted with the way it pokes fun at today’s presidential politics. Remember, you can download it for free today and tomorrow. If you do read it, I would be grateful if you would leave an honest review on Amazon.

Update: The free bumper stickers have now all been given claimed.