Anyone but Trump? Watch Out for Cruz

Republicans are really in a quandary. After yesterday’s primary in Wisconsin, some analysts predict that Donald Trump will have a difficult time winning the majority of Republican delegates needed to clinch the nomination prior to the party’s convention this summer. Strangely enough, many in the Republican establishment are now endorsing Ted Cruz. Why they are doing that puzzles me.

According to news reports, almost everyone who knows Ted Cruz dislikes him as is evidenced by his lack of support among his fellow Republican senators. Until it became evident in March that either Trump or Cruz was likely to become the Republican nominee, not a single Republican senator had endorsed Ted Cruz. Now, only two have: Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham. Both of them made it apparent that their endorsement of Cruz was made with great reluctance. Lindsey Graham is reported to have a dislike for Cruz so strong that it borders on hatred.

Why to some people believe that Ted Cruz would be a less objectionable president than Ted Cruz? Donald Trump is a loose cannon. It’s difficult to predict what he would do if elected president. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, would unquestionably make a terrible president. In other words, Trump is a wildcard. Cruz is a known jerk.

When it comes to winning the election, Cruz probably has even less of a chance of beating the Democratic nominee than Trump has. Either of them would be clobbered in the general election by either Sanders or Clinton, but Cruz would probably be clobbered worse.

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