Cigna Still Dysfunctional

None of my posts get as many hits as when I write about Cigna’s problems. So, here goes again,

As you probably already know if Cigna provides your health insurance, Cigna has been banned by the US government from advertising its Medicare Advantage plan or signing up new customers due to its mistreatment of those customers.

Because I have been one of the people griping the most about Cigna online, I have had numerous calls and emails from Cigna. Despite the calls, nothing has improved. The site for Cigna users to view their insurance information,, does not work for me. The site is supposed to show my health insurance information, but only partial information is available, and what is available is only partially accurate. The Cigna Android app refuses to recognize me as insured by Cigna at all.

At the end of the last call I received from Cigna, I was told that if I had further problems, I should call customer service. If customer service worked, I wouldn’t have taken my complaints public. It took me months to even get a 2016 ID card despite multiple calls to customer service, and I was only able to obtain one after going higher up the ladder.

Cigna and Anthem are attempting to merge, which would create the largest health insurance company in the USA. I have no experience with Anthem, but from what I have read, it is more or less as dysfunctional as Cigna. Wouldn’t merging two companies whose management is a mess create and even bigger mess?

Two other mergers are in the works. Aetna and Humana plan a merger as do Centene and HealthNet. If all three of these mergers take place, competition in the health insurance market will decrease drastically.

With regard with the Anthem/Cigna merger, given that both of these companies are already mismanaged, is there any reason to believe that they wouldn’t provide even worse service if they merged? I hope this merger is blocked and there is more pressure put on the two companies to improve their customer service.

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