Republicans for Hillary?

What are intelligent Republicans to do if either Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is nominated as their presidential candidate? As one Republican recently wrote, the welfare of the country is more important than party loyalty. Surely almost no thinking person who believes that government works best when sensible people are at the helm would vote for either Trump or Cruz. What’s a thinking Republican to do?

There are only two choices: Stay home or go to the polls and vote for Hillary Clinton, assuming that she is the Democratic nominee, which looks almost inevitible. From the Republican point of view, staying home may be the worse of the two choices. If large numbers of Republicans don’t vote, Republican candidates farther down the ballot will suffer. Democrats will win governorships, legislative positions, representatives and senators in Congress, etc.

If I were betting, I would bet that the Democrats will gain control of the Senate at any rate, although I’m not sure that they will win the 60 seats necessary to get anything done. Due to the way Representative districts are gerrymandered, gaining control of the House will prove more difficult for the Democrats.

So, Republicans with brains, are you going to go to the polls, vote for Hillary Clinton for president and for Republicans farther down the ticket, or are you going to stay home and let the Democrats sweep the ballot?

If we hadn’t been through a similar situation before, I would say that losing the elections big time might be a good thing for the Republican party. It might invite some soul searching and a return to sensible politics. Members of the House of Representatives might even do some work instead of spending their time in Washington sitting around on their duffs making fund-raising calls. However, we’ve been through this before, and the Republican Party did not reform. Republicans were swept from office after the disastrous George W. Bush presidency, but two years later they were back with the same dysfunctional attitude toward governing. If I remember the old saying correctly, the second time is not the charm.

This country needs to vibrant political parties who debate ideas and then come together in compromise to make sensible decisions. We do not have that situation now. There are too many Republicans in Congress who do not want the government to function at all, and Ted Cruz is one of them. Remember that he is the guy who tied up the Senate by standing at the lectern and exercising his right to unlimited debate by reading aloud from Green Eggs and Ham.