Cruz and Kasich, United in Hatred

Politics certainly does make strange bedfellows. The latest news from the Republican side of the presidential race is that John Kasich and Ted Cruz are going to cooperate in an attempt to deny Donald Trump the 1237 delegates he needs to win the Republican nomination on the first ballot. You know that these two guys don’t like each other, but they are united in their hatred of Donald Trump, or at least they were yesterday. It remains to be seen if their common dislike of Trump will prove stronger than the animosity that they feel for each other. The alliance was announced yesterday, and by this morning it was already showing signs of strain.

Under the agreement, Kasich agreed not to campaign in Indiana, and in exchange Ted Cruz promised not to campaign in New Mexico and Oregon. Indiana is a winner-take-all state, so if the candidates can deny Trump a plurality in that state, they will also deny him all of Indiana’s 57 delegates, making it harder for him to win 1237 delegates by convention time.

However, when answering reporters’ questions this morning, Kasich is reported to have said in reference to Indiana residents, “I’ve never told them not to vote for me. They should vote for me.”

I don’t know what Cruz’s reaction to that remark was, but Donald Trump had a field day with it, “Kasich just announced that he wants the people of Indiana to vote for him. Typical politician–can’t make a deal work.”

The view of many traditional Republicans that Cruz may yet save the Republican Party is strange at any rate. His colleagues in the Senate reportedly despise him. Even in his campaign speeches, he comes across as unlikeable. Suddenly many Republican bigwigs are counting on the man they detest to save them from the erratic Donald Trump.

As I have written before, if I had to chose between Trump and Cruz (God forbid), I would pick Trump. Trump is such a loose cannon that it’s hard to tell what he would do as president. Unfortunately, we do know what Cruz would do, and what he would do would not be in the interest of most Americans. He would pander to the rich, increase wealth transfers from the middle class to the very wealthy, and incite both class and racial animosity. As far as foreign policy is concerned, both Cruz and Trump are painfully ignorant. However, Trump seems to have enough intelligence to be teachable. Cruz, in his ignorance, already thinks that he knows all that there is to learn on any subject. I’m surprised that he didn’t claim to know more about brain surgery than Ben Carson.

I am grateful that neither of these two men appears destined to win the general election. Cruz would be a definite disaster for the country, and the unpredictable Trump might be one as well. I’ll take Jason Wilder as my presidential candidate any day. Who is Jason Wilder? Click on the cover image of Running for President in the left sidebar to read a free excerpt from my book about this imaginary presidential candidate.