Cigna! Fix Your Computers!

I received an email from Cigna today asking me which of four postcard designs I would prefer. The answer is none of them. I really wish Cigna would dedicate its resources to fixing its broken computer systems instead of asking me which design I would prefer to receive as junk mail. Almost all junk mail that arrives in my mailbox goes straight into the recycling bin unread including the crap I receive from Cigna. My recycling bin is already groaning under the load of junk mail that I toss into it and would be relieved if I didn’t add more.

With Cigna currently banned from signing up new Medicare Advantage customers, and a merger with competing healthcare insurance company Anthem scheduled to take place, I would think that Cigna would be scrambling to merge its various and partially functional websites into a central site where those it insures could find all relevant information: insurance claims, health records, medications, etc. That doesn’t seem to be happening. In my case, I can find bits and pieces of my Cigna information on various websites, but even when I put it all together, much of my heath and insurance records are missing.

I’m told that there is work going on behind the scenes to fix Cigna’s crippled information technology systems, but from the outside looking in, I see no sign of it. In any case, Cigna has received complaints about its customer service for years including from the federal government and has ignored them. The fact that it waited for the federal government to ban it from signing up new people to its Medicare Advantage plans is inexcusable. Each time Cigna purchased a new insurance or healthcare provider, work should have begun immediately to properly integrate the new acquisition into the parent company. That did not happen.

Those who are arguing for less government oversight should take the Cigna situation to heart. Some companies will never do the right thing for their companies unless they are subjected to government sanctions. We need a strong government that protects its citizens from the Cignas, JP Morgans, and Volkswagens of the world. When it comes to companies that rip off their customers, we need more government oversight, not less.

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