Donald Trump’s Running Mate?

Now that Donald Trump appears almost certain to win the Republican nomination as their candidate for president of the United States, I have begun to wonder whom he might pick as his running mate. If she would agree to run with him, and her standards are apparently too high to do so, the obvious choice would be New Mexico governor Susana Martinez. She has everything that Trump lacks. She has experience as a government executive, whereas Trump is painfully ignorant of what it takes to run a government. She is (obviously) a woman, and Trump has alienated most women with his chauvinistic comments. Lastly, she is a Hispanic, a group that Trump has gone out of his way to estrange. Now if she would only convert to Islam, she would be the prefect running mate to appeal to all of those whom Trump has insulted. There is just one problem. Like most intelligent people, Susana Martinez cannot stand Donald Trump and is about as likely to be his running mate as I am.

So, who’s left? Probably anyone who could help Donald Trump reconcile with the groups he has alienated wants nothing to do with him. One person who seems to be angling for the VP spot is George Bush Junior’s VP, Dick Cheney. Cheney has publicly expressed his admiration for Trump. (Birds of a feather….)

One problem with Cheney is that like Donald Trump, he knows nothing about running a government. During the first six years of the George W. Bush presidency, Bush sat back and let Dick Chaney and Donald Rumsfeld run the country into the ground. When Bush came to his senses at about the midpoint of his second term and started doing the president’s job himself, he canned Rumsfeld, and pushed Cheney into the background. However, it was too late to rescue his reputation. The only good that came of it was that Cheney was exposed as the incompetent ideologue that he is.

Nevertheless, Cheney might be just the person to help Donald Trump. Anyone who considers voting for Trump has to be someone who would rather see a clown than a serious manager at the helm of state. In that respect, Cheney fits right in. The two are equally unqualified for any responsible position in government and might therefore appeal to large numbers of voters. Having two ignorant blowhards running for the nation’s highest office could prove quite entertaining, and given the declining educational standards in our country, they would probably garner large numbers of votes.

We may have to wait a few months to find out whom Trump can cajole into being on the ticket with him. He has stated that he will not announce his running mate until the convention. Of course, Donald Trump can say one thing today and contradict it tomorrow, so we may not have to wait that long.

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