Captain Jack Sigg Remembered on NPR on Memorial Day

I was listening to NPR this afternoon while working at the computer when I almost fell out of my chair. Suddenly there was a woman’s voice talking about her memories of my late cousin, Jack Sigg, who was killed in Vietnam in the 1960s. The woman doing the broadcast was Ann Marshall, an ex-girlfriend that I didn’t even know he had.

Jack was four years older than I. He joined the Army while I was still in high school in Johnstown, Pennsylvania where we lived. He attended West Point and was stationed in Germany before volunteering to fight in Vietnam. He wasn’t in Vietnam long before he was killed.

It was very surprising to hear Captain John Sigg memorialized on national radio on this Memorial Day. I know it’s of importance to no one but me and his other surviving cousins, but I’ll put a link to a recording of the broadcast here anyway. Click here.

He also has a page on the Vietnam Memorial Website. You can view it by clicking here.

Oh, yes, his formal name was John, probably named after my father, his uncle, but no one called him anything but Jack. I suppose we were a pair of Jacks