Trump University, Will the Suckers Never Learn?

Court documents released today reveal how Trump University, with the active participation of Donald Trump himself, separate gullible Trump devotees from their money, in many cases leaving the victims with mountains of debt.

Suckers were first drawn in by a free Profit From Real Estate orientation, which was in reality a high-pressure sales session to “set the hook.” (The words come from Trump University documents.) Students were promised that if they signed up for one of the three paid courses: Trump Bronze Elite ($9.995), Trump Silver Elite ($19,495) or Trump Gold Elite ($34,995), they would become incredibly rich.

The sales staff was encouraged to enroll people even if they couldn’t afford the price. Anyone who had a credit card that could be maxed out was encouraged to use it to pay the tuition. In exchange, the pseudo-university (it never had the right to call itself a university) promised potential “students” a fantastic income, power, and a boardroom on Fifth Avenue.

People who enrolled were also promised that they would be instructed by people trained personally by Donald Trump and perhaps even have a session with Trump himself. In reality, the “instructors” were poorly trained motivational speakers, often with zero experience in the real estate market. They were not chosen for their knowledge of making money in the real estate market; they were chosen for their ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes.

Why is this important? It is important, because it is one more instance of Donald Trump’s taking advantage of people who put their trust in him. Now this same fraudster is asking us to trust him to be president of the United States. With his history of defrauding people who put their trust in him, do you want to trust him again?
Are we going to add to his list of suckers by voting for him? Think twice before voting for Donald Trump, please.