Republicans Agast at another Trump Pocahontas Insult. They Need to Get Used to it.

Once again, in a tweet, Donald Trump referred to Elizabeth Warren as Pocahontas. “Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth.”

Some Republicans, such as Senator Lindsey Graham, think the remark is pretty humorous. However, Senator Graham’s lighthearted response is not likely to endear him to the Original Americans.

For example, Republican Representative Tom Cole of Oklahoma, who is a member of the Chickasaw Tribe, was not amused. “It’s pejorative, and you know, there’s plenty of things that he can disagree with Elizabeth Warren over, this is not something that should, in my opinion, ever enter the conversation. It’s neither appropriate personally toward her, and frankly, it offends a much larger group of people. So, I wish he would avoid that.” By a larger group of people, he is apparently referring to the insult to Native Americans including to himself.

Republicans are going to have to get used to the idea of having a bigot at the top of the ticket. Now they will have to decide whether to laugh off his bigotry, as Lindsay Graham did on this occasion (although he has previously called Trump a racist), or are they going to try to preserve a sense of decency by disassociating themselves from him?

Some will say that Elizabeth Warren deserves the insult due to her reportedly abrasive personality. However, I don’t think the main point is the insult to her; it is the disrespect shown to Native Americans.