House Democrats Deserve Our Thanks

House Democrats deserve our applause for taking a stand for sensible gun regulation in face of opposition from the House leadership, which has been bought and paid for by the National Rifle Association (NRA). As you undoubtedly know House Democrats are staging a sit-in and say they will not leave until House Speaker Paul Ryan allows a vote on gun measures. Paul Ryan, who is one of many Republican House members who do the NRA’s bidding, has officially adjourned the House until July 5 in an attempt to prevent any gun legislation from coming to a vote.

I do not expect the House Democrats to maintain their sit-in until July 5, but even if they do not, they have drawn public attention to the fact that many Republicans put the desires of the NRA ahead of the will and welfare of their constituents. Polls consistently show that most Americans, including most Republicans and most gun owners, favor some form of gun control.

Of course, even if House Democrats prevail and manage to pass a bill that would prevent people on terrorist watch lists from purchasing firearms, there will still be a big hurdle to spring over in the Senate. Senate rules effectively require a super majority of 60 votes to pass any meaningful legislation.

How can this impasse be ended? In the short term, it probably cannot. However, elections will be held in November, and I hope that more voters will throw those politicians out of office who put the NRA’s interest ahead of those of the American people.

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