Donald Trump Shoots Self in Foot

Donald Trump apparently thinks that Elizabeth Warren will be his opponent in the presidential race instead of Hillary Clinton. At any rate, he spent part of the weekend tossing out the same tired old insults against Elizabeth Warren that he has been making for months. Why is he campaigning against Senator Warren instead of Secretary Clinton?

In a phone interview, The Donald said in reference to Senator Warren, “She made up her heritage, which I think is racist. I think she’s a racist, actually because what she did was very racist.” (Those of you who are language wonks will notice that the last sentence is a perfect example of the original meaning of the phrase “begging the question.”) He also again referred to Senator Warren as Pocahontas.

Donald Trump’s advisers have counseled him to stop insulting Elizabeth Warren, reminding him that his opponent is almost certain to be Hillary Clinton and not the senior United States senator from Massachusetts, but when he steps in front of a microphone, Donald Trump forgets all logic and lets his emotions run wild stating, “I do what I do. I’ve listened to this for a long time – at the beginning of the primaries, ‘He should do this, he should do that.’ I won in a landslide.”

Donald Trump thinks that the tactics that won him the primary election will  work in the general election, where independent and Democratic voters will decide who wins. He thinks he’s still addressing an audience of mostly  older white males with a high school education or less, apparently in blissful ignorance of his declining poll numbers. So far, his opinion is being proved wrong.

Perhaps in the long run Donald Trump will be shown to be right and the “experts” are wrong. After all, he correctly points out the Republican primaries by following his own instincts and blurting out whatever came into his head. However, as stated, polling numbers show Donald Trump’s support diminishing, even among better-educated Republicans. Some polls show Hillary Clinton with a single-digit lead; others show her beating Trump by double digits. However, they all show Hillary Clinton in the lead. A large portion of potential Republican voters admit that Donald Trump is not even qualified to be president.

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