Trump’s “Bring Back U.S. Jobs” plan has not penetrated his own businesses

Donald Trump has announced a seven-step program to bring jobs back to the USA. I would enumerate them all, but they include such promises as to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, renegotiate NAFTA, and bring trade cases against China. However, when it comes to his own businesses, Donald Trump has other values.

Most of the Trump-branded clothing including his suits are made in China. Other articles come from clothing factories in Mexico, Bangladesh, and Vietnam.¬† Trump’s brand of furniture is made in Turkey, and his crystal collection is manufactured in Slovenia.

Despite his railing against immigration, Donald Trump has made ample use of foreign-born workers, some in the country illegally and others here on temporary work visas. Donald Trump employes hundreds of foreign workers at his Mar-a-Lago resort Florida, whom I assume he brings in on legal temporary work visas. However, the contractor Trump used to demolish a building to make way for Trump Tower in New York City employed undocumented Polish immigrants who slept onsite and worked long hours for little pay. Although Trump publicly claimed he did not know that they were undocumented, he privately settled a lawsuit effectively admitting that he did. Donald Trump also used undocumented foreign workers to help construct the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C.

Except for employing and exploiting undocumented workers, I would hold none of this against Donald Trump if he weren’t making the export of American jobs a campaign issue. Sometimes having work done overseas is the most intelligent way of getting a job done. What I object to is Donald Trump’s hypocrisy on the issue.

I wrote a novel about a hypocrite like Donald Trump who wins the presidency. I borrowed from Donald Trump’s character to write it. You can learn more by clicking on the cover image of Running for President in the left sidebar.