July 5, 2015 — Paris, France

I arrived in Paris yesterday morning, but I haven’t seen much of the city yet. I was very tired and jet-lagged from the long trip and other people probably thought that I was drunk. I did walk around the area where I am staying near the Gare du Nord or North Train Station, but the neighborhood is not the type of place tourists think of when they visit France. It’s full of small shops, most of them run my immigrants. You can buy Arab or Oriental groceries or eat that food in small fast-food restaurants. However, I was too tired to think of food.

I was unable to check in until 3 pm, so it wasn’t until then that I was able to get a shower, shave, and put on clean clothes. It made a difference. I even started to feel more awake, as it was morning in my home time zone in Arizona.

I tried to stay up to 8 pm to reset my internal clock to Central European Time, but shortly after 6 pm I was asleep, and other that being awakened by the arrival of my roommates early in the morning, I slept through until almost 7 am.

I’m off today to see the sights, although I have already seen many of them on my previous trips to Paris. Tomorrow I should have some pictures to post. I have to put on my jacket before leaving. Unlike Phoenix, where it is baking hot, it is quite chilly in Paris.