Zaragoza, Spain — July 14, 2016

This morning I board a train for Zaragoza, the next-to-last stop on this trip. After three nights in Zaragoza, a city that I have never before visited, I’ll head for good, old Madrid, from where I’ll fly home to Phoenix. I’ve probably been in Madrid too many times, but it’s a good place to fly home from with many flights to the USA.

Yesterday I walked around the this area of Barcelona, so I don’t have many photographs to share with you. My leg muscles are a bit sore from walking, so it will be a pleasure to spend some time sitting in the train this morning.

Below is another photo of the Plaza de Cataluaña, which is within reasonable strolling distance of the hostel where I am staying.

20160712_132403I almost never see a plaza in Spain that isn’t full of people. It’s where people spend time with their families and where they hang out with their friends. I walked through the plaza today, because I wanted to visit a building designed by Gaudi, the famous Catalan architect. His most famous design is the Church of the Sacred Family, which is still under construction and is also not far from where I am staying. However, I have seen it many times and decided to give it a pass this time.

Below are two photos of the building, which is built in sections with different designs. I took several additional shots, but they didn’t turn out well.



There is a Gaudi museum onsite, but there was a tremendously long line waiting to enter, so I gave it a pass.

I spent most of my time reading in the evening, but I did take a short evening stroll through the neighborhood before returning home to pack everything for this morning’s trip. I’ll take the subway to the train station just as soon as I upload this post to the blog.