Why Are More Than 1/3 of American Voters Going to Vote for Trump?

Donald Trump definitively demonstrated over the weekend and early this week that he is off the rails. Despite his demonstrable mental instability and almost total lack of knowledge of international affairs, various polls show that more than 30 percent of American voters intend to cast their ballots for Donald Trump. How is this possible? His psychological unfitness for the job can no longer be a secret to anyone.

Don’t those voters understand that if Donald Trump is elected, not only will he have no idea what to do, his oversized ego will convince him that he himself is doing exactly the right thing as he takes the most bizarre actions. He reminds me of the late Hugo Chavez in Venezuela, who also believed that he and he alone had the solution to everything.

Trump apologists insisted for months that once nominated, Trump would be guided by his more knowledgeable advisers. Trump exploded that myth during the past seven days. Trump listens to no one Those same apologists claimed that once elected, Trump would be surrounded by more knowledgeable advisers, who would steer his actions. Trump has demonstrated that he believes he knows everything better than everyone and that he isn’t going to listen to anyone.

Given the stark evidence that Trump is unhinged, why would more than 1/3 of American voters nevertheless declare their intention to vote for him? Regardless of party affiliation or ideology, what is wrong with us as a people if so many of us are willing to vote for a known whack-job for president?

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