Want to Cancel Your Recurring Donation to Trump? It Ain’t Easy!

After Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior during the past week, many Trump supporter have had second thoughts about their candidate and want to withdraw their support. Some of them have set up a recurring donation to Trump’s campaign charged to their credit cards. Now that they are dumping Trump, they also want to stop their recurring contribution. Many of them are learning that once Donald Trump’s campaign has your credit card number, getting it back can be as difficult as getting a tuition reimbursement from Trump University.

There in no clear method on Trump’s website to cancel monthly contributions or remove your credit card information. However, if you are one of those trying to get your credit card information back from Donald Trump, don’t despair. It is possible even if extremely difficult. First you must establish a log-in with a password. Even then, there is no obvious way to cancel the credit card. If you go to the “update card” information, you can replace your present credit card with a different one that has to be valid, but you cannot delete it. If you try to change your credit card information to one that doesn’t exist, the website will reject your change request.

When you registered on the site, you probably received a welcome email. The email describes how to unsubscribe from the email, but it doesn’t mention the possibility of removing your credit card from the site. The email also doesn’t let you know that you’re making a monthly contribution for as long as the Trump campaign wants to charge you. Perhaps you had only intended to make a one-time contribution. You’ve just been cheated. The campaign will continue charging your card. Perhaps the easiest way out is to call your credit card company and request a new card with a new number.

If you’re not stuck with a recurring donation to the Trump campaign, you can stop reading now. If you are, the following instructions will enable you to stop it.

The way to cancel your donation (and if you’ve been sucked in by this scam, you probably do) is to click on the small gray question mark in the upper right corner of the donations page. Then click the “MANAGE” button at the bottom of the page. This will take you to the page of Trump’s credit card processor where you should click the button “recurring plans.” This will allow you to cancel your recurring donation, but it will not remove your credit card information from the system.

To those of you to whom Trump’s credit card practices seem dishonest, I have a question, “Given all the evidence, why in the world would you expect Donald Trump to be honest?”

Someone is sure to ask if Hillary Clinton’s campaign is doing the same thing. No, it’s not. There is a button on the campaign website that you can click to immediately stop your contribution.