Putin is Playing Trump Like a Violin

Vladimir Putin was a top operative in the Soviet KGB. He knows how to manipulate narcissistic people with weak egos that need constant stoking, and he is using that knowledge to manipulate Donald Trump and turn him into an unwitting tool of the Russian government. Putin’s success so far is undeniable. Not only does Donald Trump openly admire his handler, he has denied that Russian troops are operating in eastern Ukraine or that Russia has invaded and conquered Crimea. Donald Trump has also indicated that he would hesitate to defend certain NATO member states if Russia were to invade them. A Trump election would be an invitation to Putin to set his army marching west.

It is not a secret that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have this mutual admiration society, on the surface, at least. From Putin’s point of view, the potential rewards are great. If he can manage to get Donald Trump elected president of the United States, he will have the president of the “greatest power on Earth” eating out of his hand. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin’s worst nightmare is that Hillary Clinton be elected. Ms Clinton is a strong woman who has stood up to Vladimir Putin in the past and is likely to do so in the future. For these reasons, Putin hates Clinton.

What does Donald Trump get out of the arrangement with Putin? Nothing other than more hot air pumped into his already over-inflated ego. Donald Trump cannot tolerate criticism, but the flip side is that he fawns on people who kiss up to him, or in Putin’s case, pretend to. So, naturally, Vladimir Putin feigns admiration for Donald Trump. Donald Trump, on the other hand, does not have the intelligence to realize that he is being played for a fool. His limited brain power is no match for Vladimir Putin’s cunning and KGB training.

Vladimir Putin’s efforts to get Donald Trump elected include using the very Russian intelligence agency for which he formerly worked. It’s not a coincidence that Democratic computers have fallen victim to Russian hackers who passed purloined information to WikiLeaks, The Russian spy agency has hacked into none of Donald Trump’s computers. If they were caught doing that, Donald Trump might turn on them.

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