What Happened to Trump’s Missing Campaign Funds?

Donald Trump’s Campaign reports that he had $20 million in campaign funds in June and raised $80 Million in July. But early in August, the campaign reports having on $37 million on hand. According to my calculations (20+80-37=63), that means that the campaign spent $63 million in July. Where did the money go? No one can account for it.

It did not go for TV advertising. Trump is not buying ads. Some of it probably went for such campaign expenses as travel, but that could only account for a few million of the missing dollars, even if Trump is renting his private plane to his campaign at some outrageous fee.

As to campaign staff, Trump has only deployed a token number of campaign workers. For example, his campaign office in Columbus, Ohio has four paid staff members. Add up all of the money that Trump could be spending on campaign expenses, and it doesn’t total $20 million let alone $63 million. Even making the most generous assumption, somewhat more that $40 million are unaccounted for.

More than likely, the missing money went into Donald Trump’s own bank accounts. According to papers that the Trump campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission in June, Trump has lent his campaign $50 million, a loan that he has promised to forgive. However, he has not filed the paperwork to do that. The most likely scenario is that Donald Trump repaid himself $50 million, leaving very little money to run his campaign. That’s the only logical explanation as to why so much campaign money has disappeared with very little to show for it.

Why is Donald Trump cutting his personal financial losses at the expense of his campaign? Likely because he knows he will lose the election no matter how much money his campaign spends, so he wants to recoup his personal investment, thereby starving his campaign of cash.