Most Americans Tied Tightly to Their Political Party

Of Americans who vote, the majority are tied tightly to the candidates of their political party. The days when my Dad and some of his friends used to split their tickets are almost gone.

Almost anyone who takes a realistic view of Donald Trump knows that he would be a disaster for the United States if he were to be elected our president. Nevertheless, only about 20 percent of Republicans plan to vote against him, which means that around 80 percent of Republicans still support him, despite all the evidence pointing to the foolhardiness of such a vote. Why? Most voting Americans support their party’s candidates no matter what defects those candidates have.

Moving across parties, Donald Trump has reached a floor of about 40 percent in most polls. Despite the candidate’s own best efforts to drive his support lower, it appears that nothing that Donald Trump can do or say will drive his support below this number.

Donald Trump stands for all of the qualities that most Americans and especially most Republicans find abhorrent in normal times. However, he is the Republican candidate, and therefore, he is going to receive about 40 percent of the popular vote no matter how unworthy he proves himself of holding our nation’s highest office. If the Republicans would nominate Lassie as their presidential candidate, close to 40 percent of Americans would vote for her.

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