Taco Trucks on Every Corner?—Yummy!

Marco Gutierrez, self-proclaimed director of Latinos for Trump, inadvertently gave Hillary Clinton’s campaign a big boost recently when he proclaimed that if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency, there “will be taco trucks on every corner.” Most Americans love tacos, which are just as American as sauerkraut and teriyaki chicken. Imagine how much more pleasant life would be if we could walk down to the corner, any corner, and buy a plateful of delicious tacos. In fact, the idea is so appealing that I believe that Hillary Clinton should add it to her list of campaign promises.

You may wonder how many members Latinos for Trump has. I think it consists of Marco Gutierrez and his wife. Unlike most Latinos, Marco Gutierrez has taken the Trump lifestyle to new heights. For example, Donald Trump’s companies have only filed to bankruptcy four times. Mr. Gutierrez easily betters that record with 14 bankruptcy filings. Despite various fraud accusations, Donald Trump is still in the real estate business. In contrast, Marco Gutierrez has had his real estate license revoked after making unauthorized charges to a client’s bank account. As you can see, Marco Gutierrez does not conform to the image of the typical Latino immigrant.

I have been hesitant to vote for Hillary Clinton, but now that I have learned that if she is elected, I will have drop-dead easy access to tacos, she definitely has my vote. Marco Gutierrez could do me a big favor by coming out in favor of a few Arizona politicians such as our senior senator John McCain or our county sheriff Joe Arpaio. I’d like to see both of them go down in defeat, and if Marco Gutierrez would support them, we could kiss them both good-bye.

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