Trump Foundation Under Investigation

In yesterday’s post, I complained that the press was not paying enough attention to apparent irregularities in the Trump Foundation, which ostensibly donates money to worthy charities but which in fact seems to be to spend donors’ money to benefit Donald Trump.

I spoke (or wrote) too soon. Yesterday afternoon’s news broadcasts were full of allegations of misconduct on the part of the Trump foundation and its apparent repeated violation of IRS rules. As I mentioned yesterday, the Foundation made an illegal $25,000 campaign contribution to the Florida Attorney-General, who subsequently dropped an investigation into Trump University. The IRS required Trump to reimburse the Foundation the full amount and also leveled a $2,500 fine against him.

 Barack Obama took aim at the Trump Foundation yesterday by pointing out in a speech that the Trump Foundation paid $20,000 for a six-foot-tall painting of Donald Trump. The Foundations money came from donors, not including Donald Trump himself.

The press also revealed yesterday that New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is looking into alleged impropriety involving the Trump foundation. He, along with the California attorney general, is already suing Donald Trump over alleged fraud involving the defunct Trump University, which allegedly charged students five-figure tuition fees and gave the students nothing in return.

Every little misstatement that Hillary Clinton has made has been the subject of widespread press coverage. In the meantime, Donald Trump has been getting away with whoppers and has allegedly committed fraud on multiple occasions. It is time for the press to finally focus attention on Donald Trump’s possibly criminal behavior. Voters need to be aware that the Republican nominee for president appears to be a crook and could end up in jail.