Trump & Clinton, The Press’s Double Standard

The press has unquestionably treated Hillary Clinton more harshly than it has treated Donald Trump. Why the double standard? Is it because Hillary Clinton is a woman? Many in fact maintain that the press holds women to a higher standard than men. Or, could Hillary Clinton’s being held to a higher standard be due to the fact that she is a serious presidential contender, whereas many educated people consider Donald Trump to be a buffoon who is conducting a political sideshow? Hillary Clinton’s statements are serious and therefore open to analysis and criticism. Donald Trump’s statements are the spouting of a circus clown and not to be taken seriously.

To Donald Trump’s credit, he has generally been holding his clownish tendencies in check lately by reading speeches from a TelePrompTer that his campaign workers have written for him. However, yesterday he slipped back into the old buffoonish personality.

All of us who watch the news on TV saw a clip yesterday of Donald Trump speaking in a church in Flint, Michigan. Donald Trump started to criticize Hillary Clinton causing the church’s pastor to calmly interrupt him with the words, “Mr. Trump, I invited you here to thank us for what we’ve done for Flint, not go give a political speech.” Although the rule is seldom enforced, tax-exempt entities such as churches are not permitted to host political events, and Donald Trump should have known that.

According to Donald Trump’s later remarks on Fox and Friends, members of then began saying, “Let him speak. Let him speak.” Anyone who has seen the video knows that is absolutely untrue. In fact, the churchgoers began heckling Donald Trump and asking him why one of his properties discriminated against blacks until Pastor Timmons reminded them that Donald Trump was an invited guest who should be treated with respect.

Trump also stated, “When she got up to introduce me, she was so nervous she was shaking. I said, ‘Wow! This is kind of strange!’ Then she came up. She had that in mind; there’s no question.” That is also untrue. On the video, Reverend Faith Green Timmons is seen to be very calm and polite. As a reverend, she is an experienced public speaker and does not get nervous when speaking to her own congregation.

How could Donald Trump be so brazen as to tell lies on a nationwide television broadcast that anyone can disprove by viewing a video of the event? Apparently, Donald Trump’s supporters know that he is a buffoon and a liar, and they do not care. They are going to vote for him in any case. Let us hope that when it comes time to cast our ballots, those people who blindly follow Trump will be in the minority and that he will be roundly defeated. This buffoon cannot be permitted to ascend to the highest political office in the United States.