Latinos for Trump Leader Hates Latinos

Marco Gutierrez, the self-appointed leader of the organization Latinos for Trump, was back in the news again a few days ago after once again vocalizing his hatred for people like him. You may remember that he recently said that if Hillary Clinton, Latinos would turn our lives into a culinary delight. Well, that wasn’t exactly what he meant to say, but that’s how the message came across to those of us who like Mexican food. His exact words were: “My culture is a very dominant culture. And it’s imposing, and it’s causing problems. If you don’t do something about it, you’re gonna have taco trucks every corner.”

I think he meant that to be a threat, but his remarks had the unintended effect of convincing taco lovers across the nation that they should vote for Hillary Clinton. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to walk down to the end of the street to buy some fresh, delicious tacos?

Mr. Gutierrez, who is himself an immigrant from the state of Jalisco in Mexico, made headlines again a few days ago when he told a reporter in a television interview, “As Hispanics, we are a primitive and underdeveloped culture. We’ll take whatever we can take if you let us.” When asked if that means that Americans should bge frightened of Mexicans, Gutierrez replied, “Yes, you should be very frightened.”

I estimate that about half of the people on my two-block long street are Hispanics, either immigrants from Latin America or people of Latin American descent born in this country. Am I supposed to start being afraid of these people whom I have called friends and neighbors up till now? Should I be afraid of Eddie (Eduardo), who lives across the street from me and with whom I have spent hours shooting the bull. I am surprised to learn that he is primitive and underdeveloped. His lawn and house certainly look a lot better than mine, because he is constantly working on them while I sit around and read while the grass in my lawn grows wild.

Should I be afraid of the grandfatherly Jesús, who was born in Mexico but who a few years ago proudly showed me his new United States passport. In those days, he carried it around in his pocket, ready to pull out and proudly show to anyone on the slightest pretext. Is this kindly old man also primitive and underdeveloped?

I think people who admire Donald Trump would also like me to be afraid of some of my other neighbors. There are two families from the Philippines, at least two Native Americans, one black family, and at least two single black men. Oh, yes, and there are also a number of us who are of white European descent. The only person to ever live in our neighborhood and make life for the rest of us miserable was one of those. Of course, I have nothing against white Europeans. I am one myself. I have British as well as United States nationality.

I love my ethnically diverse neighborhood. I would find it very boring to live with people who all look, act, and think as I do.

I should mention that the Trump campaign has not exactly welcomed Mr. Gutierrez with open arms. Trump spokesperson Jon Cordova recently stated, “Marco Gutierrez is not a surrogate for the Donald Trump campaign and only represents his own views, not the position of the campaign.”