Trump Campaigns Against Himself With Beauty Queen Insults

Like an alcoholic who cannot throw away his bottle of whisky, Donald Trump continues to damage his own presidential campaign with his attacks on former Miss Universe Alicia Machado. Former House of Representatives speaker Newt Gingrich has proven all too eager to help Donald Trump commit political suicide by supporting his misogyny. No matter how much damage they are doing to Donald Trump’s campaign, these two men of bovine proportions  cannot stop themselves from criticizing Miss Machado for allegedly having gained weight while she was Miss Universe.

In case there is still anyone who is not familiar with the issue, Donald Trump owned the Miss Universe contest in 1996 when Miss Machado won the title. During her reign as the beauty representative of Donald Trump’s enterprises, Mr. Trump himself undercut her publicity value by claiming that she had put on weight, and he did not do it nicely. He called her “Miss Piggy” and demonstrated his antagonism to her Latino background by calling “Miss Housekeeping” as if he had hired her to clean hotel rooms. You would think that Donald Trump would have enough brains to not criticize someone who publicly represented his company, but Mr. Trump has never been known for his cerebral dexterity.

Hillary Clinton brought up the matter of Donald Trump’s mistreatment of Alicia Machado during this week’s presidential debate. Instead of letting the matter quietly die, Donald Trump himself has been keeping it alive this week by continuing to criticize Miss Machado during TV interviews, stating on Tuesday that she “had gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem.” Donald Trump’s talk-alike, Newt Gingrich, added fuel to the fire by telling a gathering of Republicans “You’re not supposed to gain 60 pounds during the year that you’re Miss Universe.”

I do not believe that Miss Machado has ever gained 60 pounds. Former speaker Newt Gingrich, on the other hand, has accumulated far more than 60 pounds of excess blubber. All that is missing is for Chris Christie to join the fray.

Aside from the humor elicited by two porkers like Trump and Gingrich criticizing someone for allegedly gaining weight, Donald Trump and his surrogates are driving home the fact that Donald Trump is a man who disparages women by valuing them only for their physical appearance.

Miss Machado is now a US citizen, and we can be certain that she will join the multitude of people who once did business with Donald Trump but who can now barely contain their glee at the prospect of voting against him. One thing that Donald Trump has in common with his primary opponent Ted Cruz is that most people who actually know Donald Trump despise him. Most of the people who admire him know little about him.

Those who have expected a new and more presidential Donald Trump to emerge from the campaign are surely disappointed. Donald Trump continues to be the anti-Trump campaigner in chief.