Trump Foundation Ordered to Stop Fundraising

After revelations that the claims that the Trump Foundation is a charitable contribution were revealed to be false, the New York Attorney General’s Office began investigating the organization. The foundation solicits donations by falsely claiming that the money will go to charity. In reality, Donald Trump has used the money to pay legal and other expenses of his businesses.

However, the immediate reason for the shut-down is that the Trump Foundation has been soliciting donations without having registered as a charitable institution in New York State as is required for any charity that solicits more than $25,000 a year from the public.

Donald Trump’s latest fundraising gimmick was a website with the URL When I checked the site this morning, there was a message on the site that over $1.670,000 raised online. However, there is only a single page with no method of donating through the site. Neither is there any evidence that any of the money raised was actually used to do anything for war veterans.

The NY Attorney General’s Office has given the Trump Foundation 15 days to supply all of the legal paperwork that it should have supplied before asking the public for donations. The Attorney General also noted that the Trump Foundation has never submitted the financial audit reports that it was required to file. It is now required to submit audit reports for each of the years it has been in operation. If it does not do so, the Foundation will be considered “a continuing fraud upon the people of New York.”

It is no secret that Donald Trump has committed multiple frauds. Cases against several of those fraud schemes including Trump University are working their way through the legal process. I think it is safe to assume that Donald Trump will be assessed substantial fines for his various illegal financial activities. It is still an open question whether any of those fraud investigations will result in a legal conviction that puts Donald J. Trump in jail. Given Mr. Trump’s illegal activities, Leavenworth and not the White House may be his future residence.