John McCain Figuratively Gives the Finger to Democracy

In a radio interview yesterday (October 17), John McCain stated, “I promise you that we will be united against any Supreme Court nominee that Hillary Clinton, if she were president, would put up. I promise you.” In other words, if the American people chose Hillary Clinton as president, McCain wants Republicans to make it as difficult as possible for her to govern. He has no respect for the will of the people.

I remember the days when John McCain was known as “the maverick.” He was willing to buck his party to do the right thing for American democracy. That changed at about the time McCain decided to run for president against Barack Obama.

I used to vote for McCain. I thought he was a level-headed senator. As the years passed, my opinion changed. I began to think that McCain was losing his grip and was no longer able to comprehend the complexities of American democracy. For example, it was painfully obvious during his presidential campaign that he was unable to understand how the economy functions.

What happened? Did John McCain lose his cognitive ability with age, or do I not understand that he was a dullard all along? I think it is the former. I firmly believe that McCain once showed respect for the democratic process, respect that he no longer possesses. He has become a highly partisan, self-serving warmonger.

John McCain is 80 years old. Many people are mentally sharp well into their 90s. John McCain is not one of them. It is past time for him to retire. I live in Arizona, and I will certainly vote against him.

John McCain is running for re-election to his Senate seat this year against Ann Kirkpatrick. McCain has a commanding lead in the polls and is expected to win. That is bad news for the United States, but then the Republican control of the House and Senate have been a disaster with or without McCain. I do not know if Ann Kirkpatrick would be a good senator or not, but I am certain that she would do a better job than our current, cognitively-impaired senior senator.

I hope that this election cycle we voters will send all self-serving politicians into retirement. John McCain is not the only problem. The Republicans in both the House and Senate have turned Congress into a cesspool. The only way the Republican Party might regain some respect for American democracy will be if they lose badly this election cycle. Then possibly the party will reorganize itself and dump politicians who are dead set on torpedoing American democracy. People like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan need to be sent packing.