Trump to Sue Accusers of Sexual Harassment

Donald Trump vowed to sue all of the women who have accused him of inappropriate sexual conduct. Suing people with little power is a common Trump tactic. He has loads of money to pay lawyers, and his defendants generally do not. The prospect of being sued and possibly running up tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees seem intended to send a warning to those of Donald Trump’s victims who have not yet come forward to stay silent or face enormous financial consequences.

The reason these women did not come forward earlier, and the reason many more women whom Trump has sexually assaulted have probably still not come forward, is that Donald Trump is a rich, powerful man who has demonstrated that he will do everything in his power to make the lives of his accusers miserable.

Some of the women who have come forward already have legal representation, and I hope that other attorneys will step forward to assist those women who otherwise would not be able to defend themselves in court. Their declarations are very brave, and they deserve our support.

In other developments, Donald Trump announced yesterday in Gettysburg, PA that he will clean up corruption in Congress by pushing for term limits and by increasing restrictions on lobbyists. Donald Trump may not understand that placing term limits on representatives and senators would require an amendment to the United States Constitution. Or, perhaps he does understand that but is so cynical that he is pushing the idea anyway, knowing that most of his supporters have no idea what is in the Constitution other than the belief that it gives them unlimited rights to walk around carrying loaded guns.

Donald Trump continued his accusations that the upcoming presidential election will be rigged. If he loses in many states, as seems probably, such an argument will be difficult to maintain. There is no central authority that governs elections in the United States, so there is no central place to rig elections. Electrons are run by local officials in thousands of counties, states, and municipalities across the nation. Coordinating election fraud across so many individual voting districts is all but impossible. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, polls show that approximately 70 percent of Republicans and some Democrats believe that the presidential election will be rigged.

Donald Trump has also charged that illegal immigrants will be bused to voting precincts to cast fraudulent ballots. Illegal immigrants are not registered to vote and would not be permitted to do so if they did show up. However, any illegal immigrant who tried to vote would have to be someone with mental problems. Most illegal immigrants lie low and try not to draw attention to themselves. Attempted vote fraud would result in a jail sentence followed by almost certain deportation. No sane person would risk that.

Of course, I am wasting virtual ink by writing this. If you are a Trump supporter, you are someone with no appreciation for facts and logic, and you are not going to pay attention to any evidence that the madman who heads the Republican ticket might be wrong.