Almost all Republican Evangelicals Who Back Trump are Hypocrites!

According to, 94 percent of Republicans who consider themselves to be evangelical Christians intend to vote for Donald Trump (few non-white evangelicals are Republicans for understandable reasons). It is astounding that people who claim to have Christian values would vote for a candidate who seems to have no morals or values at all beyond taking advantage of others in order to enrich himself and inflate his ego.

 Most of the support this group gives Trump appears to be based in blatant racism. After all, Donald Trump is everything that Christians claim not to be. He is an admitted adulterer, a fraudster, a shameless liar, and a tax cheat. He is superficial, self-absorbed, and profane. However, he is of white, European extraction, and he hints that he will get rid of those who are not including Hispanics and Muslims of any race. This overt racism is a strong appeal to those who have fooled themselves into believing that they have Christian values.

The support for Donald Trump among white evangelicals is  grounded in nostalgia for a mythical better past when whites of European descent ruled the roost and other races and ethnic groups kept in the places assigned to them by the racist white majority. While 51 percent of all Americans (39 percent of those age 18 to 29) believe that the United States has changed for the worse since the 1950s, that figure jumps to 74 percent among white evangelical Protestants according to a study from the Public Religion Research Institute.  Many white evangelical Protestants may believe that the days of rigid racism, intolerance, female subjugation, and widespread ignorance were a golden age, but the rest of us know that they were not.

Evangelical political hypocrisy is enhanced by prevarications by certain self-appointed Christian leaders. In an online video entitled “Why Evangelicals Should Vote for Donald Trump,” Reverend Mark Creech claims that “the American people’s confidence in [Hillary Clinton’s] is … the lowest of any candidate in U.S. history.” Really? Lower than the confidence in the integrity of George W. Bush and Richard Nixon, not the mention the obvious lack of integrity of Donald J. Trump, who has multiple fraud cases pending against him in court? Donald Trump is the guy who took ostensibly charitable contributions to his foundation and illegally used them to pay business expenses. The Clinton Foundation, on the other hand, is renowned to its worldwide charitable work.

This statement that Hillary Clinton is just as immoral as Donald Trump is simply untrue, but it has been repeated so often that many people believe it. Repeat a big enough lie often enough, and many of those with cognition problems will believe it.

Many evangelicals believe that Donald Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices who will support their views. There is no reason to believe this. Donald Trump has a history of making promises in order to obtain his ends and then breaking those promises once he no longer has use for his supporters. The business world is littered with people who made the mistake of trusting Donald Trump’s word.

Another lie that self-proclaimed Christian and conservative leaders push is that Hillary Clinton wants to do away with the Second Amendment. No matter how much she says that the only gun control she is interested in is making it more difficult for criminals and nut jobs to get guns, these “Christian” prevaricators repeat the lie so often that Hillary Clinton will repeal the Second Amendment that people of little political sophistication believe it. Anyone who understands our Constitution (and apparently few people do) knows that even if she wanted to repeal the Second Amendment, she would not have the power to do so.

I say to those Christian fundamentalist evangelicals who support Donald Trump, you can invent all sorts of phony reasons for supporting this lying maniac, and you can even convince yourself that your phony reasons are logical, but anyone who does not share your fanaticism will see you for what you are—unprincipled hypocrites.

Now, please do not think I am a big Hillary Clinton fan. I find her far too close to big Wall Street interests and far too insecure when it comes to owning up to her personal failings and weaknesses to the point of occasionally lying in an attempt to cover them up. I would prefer a more open and candid president. However, Donald Trump is so far beyond the pale, that he makes Hillary Clinton look good by comparison.

What about the third parties? Gary Johnson means well, but sometimes I doubt if he has the brains to find his way home at night. Jill Stein may be a decent person, but so little is known about her that electing her would be buying a pig in a poke.