FBI Director Comey Trying to get Trump Elected

The position of director of the FBI is supposed to be non-partisan. The director and those who work for him are expected to follow a set of rules designed to avoid influencing an election. However, for the first time since the bad old days of J. Edgar Hoover, an FBI director, violating the long-standing principles of his office, has thrown non-partisanship out the window and is openly trying to get his party’s candidate, Donald Trump, elected to the White House.

As everyone knows, last Friday FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress stating that the agency wanted to investigate a trove of emails found on a laptop of disgraced former Congressman Anthony Wiener. The emails allegedly were sent to or received by Hillary Clinton’s aid Huma Abedin, who is also Wiener’s estranged wife. The reason given for investigating them is that the emails might have something to do with Hillary Clinton’s private email server. At the time of Comey’s letter, the FBI itself had not received permission to examine any of those emails and therefore had no idea if they had relevance to Hillary Clinton or not.

Nevertheless, the damage to the Clinton campaign was done. Donald Trump has been claiming, based on no evidence whatsoever, that the emails prove that Hillary Clinton is a criminal who should be locked up. The presidential polls, which showed Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead just a week ago, have now tightened with some polls even showing that Donald Trump may have a slight lead. It is as if Al Capone accused Elliot Ness of being a bootlegger and almost half of the population believed him.

Today Comey struck again by publishing some documents concerning Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich 15 years ago. If Director Comey felt it was necessary to release those documents, he could have waited a week until after the election. His hatred of the Clintons seems to know no bounds. The same can be said of his lack of judgement.

James Comey knows quite well that his political interference is a violation department rules, which prohibit the FBI from commenting on active investigations and from taking steps that might be seen as influencing an election. Before he sent his letter to Congress,  senior Justice Department officials reminded Comey of those practices, but he defied the rules also defied his boss, Loretta Lynch, Attonney General Lynch had a private meeting with Comey today, in which I suspect she called him on the carpet for thumbing his nose at longstanding procedures.

I am convinced that Comey’s actions are partisan. According to anonymous sources in the FBI who apparently  disagree with Comey, the FBI is also investigating Donald Trump for his possible ties to Vladimir Putin. Officially, the FBI refuses to confirm or deny that the investigation is taking place, thus demonstrating that Director Comey has different standards for revealing information about Republican or Democratic candidates. Trump is presumably also investigation for income tax fraud involving his misuse of funds donated to his supposedly charitable foundation to pay some of his business expenses.

Some voters feel that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are equally dishonest. There is no comparison. Some of Hillary Clinton’s actions have been legally questionable, and she initially showed reticence to come clean about her use of a private email server. Donald Trump is an outright fraudster who has cheated investors, contractors, employees, the United States government, and “students” at the non-existent Trump University. He seems to be unable to put two sentence together without one of them being a lie. Hillary Clinton is a bit shady. Donald Trump is an outright psychopath.

James Comey is an intelligent man. He cannot help but know that his reckless partisanship may throw the election to Donald Trump. He is also smart enough to know that a Trump presidency would almost certainly be a disaster, not only for the United States, but for the entire world. Stock markets and the value of the US dollar have already begun to decline based on fears that our FBI director may have done enough to get Donald Trump elected. Vladimir Putin must be gloating.

James Comey was once considered a decent man. I do not know what caused him to change, but he has recently shown that he no longer has the mental or emotional stability to lead the nation’s top law-enforcement agency. One can only speculate as to the reason for his radical personality change, but the results of that change speak for themselves.

James Comey should resign. However, just as grandpa is unable to recognize when it is time to give up the car keys, I doubt that James Comey is able to recognize that he has become a liability for the country.

It’s too late to fix the damage he has done. The election is only days away. However, once the election is over, the president, the attorney general, and leading members of both parties in Congress should all call for his resignation. And Director Comey, of you read this, please take one last important action for the good of your country. Resign today!

Also, please consider if it isn’t time for you to give up the car keys.